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Selling of promissory notes


Purchasing of promissory notes




World Debt Corporation solves debt problems efficiently and legally in the shortest time possible and provides a wide range of services for reimbursement of debts to its clients, viz. search of buyers and sellers for promissory notes, recovery of debts, as well as price quotations and assessment of promissory notes, consulting, organization and holding of debt auctions and bidding.

We offer the following range of services:
• Organization and holding of auctions (both national and international debt auctions);
• Collection of debts from natural and legal persons within Russia and the CIS;
• Collection of overdue and doubtful debts on credits;
• Trust management of promissory notes;
• Pre-trial, court or criminal settlement of debt disputes;
• Collection of debts for banks.

World debt news

Rio Tinto: a selling deal is the only bailout»

Australia: one of the leading industries is immensely indebted»

Brazil: leading private bank is to expand it’s loan portfolio»

Indebted Australian Charter sinks in more than $1 mln arrears.»

Norway: the governmental bailout plan»

Phone in New York:
+1 212 2022387

Phone in London:
+44 20 7043 9705

Phones in Moscow
+7 (495) 921-08-49
+7 (495) 729-84-50
+7 (495) 921-38-42



Monthly survey of debt market
World Debt System
News distribution:
  • Suggestion on sale and purchase of debts

World Debt Corporation. Our services:

1) We settle debt problems in the shortest time possible, efficiently and legitimately.
2) Recovery of debts, pre-trial, court and criminal settlement of debt disputes.
3) Sale and purchase of debt claims. Debt auctions (aimed at selling and buying debts).
4) Collection agency. Collection of overdue and doubtful credit debts for banks.
5) Collection of debts and arrears in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries.
6) Return of debts. Efficiently. Legitimately.

© WDS "World Debt System", 2004-2008. All rights reserved. Phone in London: +44 20 7043 9705 Phones in Moscow +7 (495) 921-08-49,
+7 (495) 729-84-50, +7 (495) 921-38-42.
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