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Till nowadays considerable tensity in economics of Russia created mutual non-payments and bounding up with them debt and tax problems.Sums of debts inside of Russia according to different estimations make up 4-8 billions of russian roubles.Arrears of different companies to the federal budget make up about 1 million of russian roubles.

At the real time we can observe relatively organized trade of debts and promissory notes in Russia ,which can help us to take out these problems from the hidden sector of russian economics.Besides that,according to the estimations of specialists, organisation of civilized and open debt market can increase a number of investitions from the side of foreign investors to the economics of Russia ,because in this case investment and financial risk will be reduced by the creation of model of prevention of appearance of debts.With the decision of this complex purpose economic attractiveness and stability of Russia naturally will rise.

Today in Russia there is just one open dept corporation by selling and purchasing of promissory notes,which are not confirmed with securities and not quoted on the stock exchanges of promissory notes of russian companies.It was founded in 2002 and got the name informational trade system źRussian Market of Promissory notes╗ ( This corporation is of benefit to creditors in Russia and abroad and that is extremely significant for other countries.The exclusiveness of this decision and complex of measures,which were developed and applied by Russian Debt Corporation,is namely in it .This programm was developed in state interests of russian economics and allows to increase a volume of investitions to the economics of Russian Federation,it will partly decide questions of mutual non-payments,will allow to reduce arrearsof companies and will promote financial improving of companies.

Cooperation with organisations,which are occupied with this activity on the territories of foreign countries, will allow to sell and buy promissory notes of russian and foreign organisations,which are situated inside and outside of Russian Federation, that can be very perspectively and productively as for russian and also for foreign organisations.

Suggesting on the inner and external market in the aims of selling promissory notes of russian and foreign organisations , the increase of of investitions from the side of russian and foreign investors is possible in a way of purchasing by them bonds, which are problematic today,but perspective .A lot of Russian companies can be interested in investitions with modern technologies, equipment and any other investments of property and non-property character.

These measures will allow to decide questions of mutual non-payments,when creditors are not only residents of Russian Federation,but also foreign organisations. Most of companies today have a great debt and can not recover debts from debtors and can not pay their bonds ,including taxes ,wages,grants, because of many reasons.    

Also these measures will help to change a situation in the sphere of arrears in a way of paying off debts to budget with the help of money ,which we can get from the selling of debt .Creating an organised international market of promissory notes, it becomes possible for all creditor companies to suggest and realize promissory notes of their debtors and ,perhaps,at a smaller price, but to get money not waiting terms of completion of trials.

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