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The Purposes of World Debt System in the world.

      Significant intensity in the international relations between countries of the world make promissory notes of separate national corporations and external promissory notes of countries.Before there was not any international or European debt system,which could make the process of economic and debt relations between different organisations easier.
       The World Debt System represents opened " debt platform " by saling and purchasing of promissory notes ,which are not quoted at stock exchanges. The system is created in 2004 and gives practical advantage to the enterprises-creditors, which are in other countries , in the decision of questions on claming and returning of money to creditors and investors.
       This project was developed in interests of development of world and European economy and investors (creditors) ,which have serious intention, irrespective of the location and a sphere of activity of investors (creditor) and its counterparts.
       Cooperation with the foreign organizations which are carrying out operations on the market of promissory notes, will allow to sale and to buy promissory notes of any organizations, to inform the world public about the real situation with debts of national corporations, internal and external debts of the states, to acquaint with national acts in the sphere of activity on the national debt markets, to share experience of construction of legal and effective models of work with debts and practical techniques by preventing maintenance of debts in the future, according to the legislation of the countries. One of the main purposes of World Debt System in the world is the creation of an accessible information field for the further development of the civilized and open international market of promissory notes.

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