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Subscriptions to distributions of World Debt System.

    The Given page is intended for a subscription to news dispatches of World Debt System. Please, aquaint with the description of dispatches and fill up the form below. If you have questions,please write to us on e-mail:
    Dispatches of operating quotations on sale and purchase of promissory notes are offered to your attention. The given debt instruments are placed in World Debt System.
    Distribution list includes short description of debt instrument. If you chose quotation there will be a window with more detailed description of debt, its value, costs, the description of documents confirming a debt, the form of calculations, the contact information, etc.
    We suggest you to subscribe to dispatch " Offers on sale and purchase of debts " and to receive the operative and actual information from the debt market on the debt instruments, first of all which are not confirmed by securities.

Choose dispatches interesting you and fill resulted below the form:

  • "Offers on sale and purchase of debts " (paid dispatch).
  • Dispatch of new quotations.
    Frequency of release: 2 times a week. .
        Dispatch is carried out 2 times a week and includes the latest and more actual information. Subscribers have an opportunity to receive the latest offers on sale and purchase of debts first.
          Operating tariffs:
    1 month 50  USD
    3 months 130 USD
    6 months 240 USD
    1 year 410 USD

  • "The Monthly survey of the debt market" (free-of-charge dispatch).
  • Final monthly dispatch.
    Frequency of release: 2 times a month.
        Final monthly dispatch of operating quotations on sale and purchase of promissory notes is offered to your attention. Dispatch is carried out two times a month.

    Fill the questionnaire for a subscription to dispatches.

    Subscription type: The monthly survey of the debt market
    Offers on sale and purchase of debts
    The Contact person:
    Term of
    1 month
    3 months
    6 months
    1 year
    2 years
    The information is necessary for the account
    Identification number:
    Banking details:
    The name of bank:

    You can refuse a subscription. Fill up the following form

    E-mail:    Password:

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Monthly survey of debt market
World Debt System
News distribution:
  • Suggestion on sale and purchase of debts

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